Root ICS

Instructions:...continue reading

Flash Cyanogen on HCL ME X1 with FWDN

How to flash FWDN image (Windows PC is required)i) Prepare1. Download FWDN_V7_v2.13.exe2. download & install VTC Driver v5.xx for your Windows PC3. download lk.rom and tcc.....continue reading

Install google play for ICS on HCL ME X1

Instructions1)Install the recovery tool app2)open the a...continue reading

Re installing CWM after ics update 

After you update to the ics rom you will notice that CWM is not present anymore .So if you want to re install CWM foll....continue reading

ICS beta 1.1 test

Can some one try this out and tell me if you install ics using this backup or does...continue reading


WORKING:accelerometer, audio, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen, USB host/device, wlan....Continue reading

HCL ME X1 is not the re branded version of coby 7022 !!!!!!!

Since yesterday , i have been trying to fix the bugs of ICS for 7022 on the HCL ME X1. But then the fact that it worked properly on the 7...Continue reading

Cyanogen mod 7 for HCL ME X1

WORKING:accelerometer, audio, gapps, internal NAND flash, SD card, touchscreen with calibration app, USB host/device... Continue reading

Market error for Gingerom1.0

Some apps that where available on the market while using the stock hcl rom may not be available on gingerom due to the change in dpi. the original x1 dpi is 200 while gin...Continue reading

Gingerom1.0 for HCL ME X1

This rom is a port of the stock rom  of  coby 7022 for the HCL ME X...Continue reading

Install android market(play store) on the x1

This method for installing the market does not require root access as well as CWM...Continue reading

Backup current rom using CWM

Before we start screwing around with the tab(HCL ME X1) let's make a backup of the system firmware so that we can restore it if somet...Continue reading

Install CWM on HCL ME X1

CWM- Clockworkmod recovery is an alternate recovery menu for android devices. It lets you install different firmware's as well as backup roms , in....Continue reading


  1. Dude, awesome work.. Thanks.. Its great to see some great support for X1..

  2. Hello I tried to install custom rom using http://thanatosdroid.blogspot.in/2012/05/flash-cyanogen-on-hcl-me-x1-with-fwdn.html now my tab keeps restarting with the chinese logo.

    please help my tab is messed up.

  3. Hi, can i install jelly bean on hcl me x1 tablet

  4. if i have updated to jellybean , and i again want to have gingerbread , can i do it , i have done it with CWM

  5. We should never have come to this niggas page.

  6. how to install jelly bean in hcl x1

  7. sir pls help me how to update my os in hcl me x1 tablet i want to step by step settings

  8. Hey when I install cwm again it shows[installation aborted]please show me the way